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Everyone's Skin Tells a Story

Valice Skin Care: for Us, Healthy Skin Is Personal

Like most people at some point in their life, we at Valice have struggled with problem skin and the way it can negatively impact our self-esteem. So we researched extensively to find solutions that would combat and heal problem skin. What we discovered was a firm belief in wanting to help others who also want to improve the quality and appearance of their skin.

After experiencing first-hand the negative effects of poor skin health, we became committed to engineering high-quality, scientifically proven skin care products that deliver long-lasting results. Valice Skin Care is a result of research, scientific collaboration and a passion for helping others.

Through personal experiences, thorough skin care research and a team of skilled and scientifically-driven product developers and biologists, we’ve formulated a line of innovative medical-grade performance skincare products that we’re excited to share with you. Enjoy sustained healthy skin with products that visibly correct signs of aging, offer protection, and prevent future damage.

Our Values


We have a specialized team of industry experts who are dedicated to ensuring our high-potency formulas are effective and long-lasting.


We source the finest quality, scientifically proven ingredients to formulate superior skincare products. That’s our promise to you.


We draw on the latest technology and innovation to bring our customers the very best skincare formulas available today. Our pursuit of perfection means we are constantly looking for new ways to improve.


We are not only building a global community of healthy skin care users, but we are also sharing our success with those who need it most. Our commitment to giving back is a key part of our short and long-term business strategy. A portion of all our sales goes directly to multiple charities we donate to every year as part of our commitment to the community.  


We wouldn’t be in this business if we weren’t completely dedicated to and passionate about developing advanced skincare backed by cutting-edge science. Our work is a testament to the belief we have in our products.

Enjoy Healthier, More Vibrant Skin With Innovative and Effective Ingredients

Our products are formulated to give your skin visible, long lasting results. Start your healthy skin journey today and enjoy beautiful skin for a lifetime.

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